Know the Reasons for the Popularity of CNC Machining Over Conventional Machining

Whether to choose CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining or conventional machining? Many OEMs have this doubt and not sure about the best fabrication processes. Undoubtedly, conventional machining is still used to produce the exact part according to the given specification. However, over the last few years, CNC machining has gained momentum owing to the advancements in machines and related technology. It not only produces high volumes of accurate parts but also boosts productivity and time to market of products. Certainly, it surpasses conventional machining owing to its advanced capabilities and modern features including automation. CNC machining has become an indispensable part of modern manufacturing owing to high precision, cost-effectiveness, fast production capacity, and many more features. In this post, the benefits of CNC machining over conventional machining are discussed.

CNC Machined Parts

A Quick Overview of CNC Machining

CNC machining an automated or partially automated process used by manufacturers to produce precision machine parts in huge volumes. Machining processes are controlled using programmed commands. These commands are encoded on the computer system for producing different products in terms of shape, size, dimensions, and so on. One can carry out many machining processes on a single machine with multiple axes, such as milling, turning, forming, cutting, drilling, and more. The most popular examples of these machining techniques include lathes, mills, grinders, and so on. .

CNC machining have become increasingly popular for fabricating metal as well as plastic parts because it allows OEMs to produce complex shapes which are simply not possible using manual methods. The next section describes a few notable benefits of CNC machining over conventional machining.

Why CNC Machining is Popular Than Conventional Machining?

Nowadays, CNC machining services are opted owing to the following reasons:

  • Reduce Labor Costs: In conventional machining, the operator is responsible for handling every part of the tool. However, this is not the situation when operating CNC machines. CNC machines require minimal personnel to basically supervise and control, rather them actually executing the production tasks. One experienced and skilled operator can run several automated CNC machines simultaneously. This means one can easily save labor costs.
  • Uniform Products: CNC machining is ideal for mass production. This is because it offers accuracy and a high degree of repeatability. With CNC machines, you get the exact level of consistency even when producing hundreds of thousands of parts. All you need is to set an automated program for producing the required number of parts. In the conventional method, there is no assurance of repeatability and accuracy. Also, now with prototyping and 3D printing being a part of CNC machining techniques, things have become even easier.
  • Improved Labor Safety: One of the important benefits offered by CNC machining is safety features as long as guidelines are followed. CNC machines assure worker safety and prevent mishaps. Every milling machining makes use of sharp cutting tools to make precise cuts. The repetitive nature of working on a machine poses a risk of injury to the operator, leave aside manual errors. However, the CNC machine removes this threat. Being an automated process, all the movements required to make the desired cuts are safely guided by the computer. Thus, there is no risk of injury. The operator doesn’t have to come in contact with machines. But, still, they can oversee the process.
  • Excellent Machine Monitoring: In conventional machining, the operator needs to determine machining faults, possible errors, and equipment wear such as cutting tools getting blunt after consistent use. On the other side, modern CNC machining centers are complete with sensors for measuring various parameters such as temperature. Therefore, the operator can easily monitor temperature, life span, torque, and other important factors while the workpiece is processed. This information makes the process easy in real-time.
  • Flexibility: In conventional machining, secondary tasks such as milling, drilling, lathing are conducted on different machines. However, CNC machining combines all these operations in one machine tool. Additionally, CNC machining can virtually create any component you can imagine. Some models include advanced accessories and features that further simplify the production processes.
  • Less Maintenance: CNC machines are designed for continuous use, that is 24/7. Thus, they require minimal maintenance, thus reducing the overall downtime. This guarantees unfailing and continuous operations with high productivity. This is certainly beneficial for OEMs who work in tight time schedules.

Owing to the accuracy that CNC machining parts bring, OEMs across several industries, including military, mining, food and beverage, aviation, aerospace, automotive, and more, prefer them. Are you interested to try CNC machining techniques for an upcoming project? If yes, then you must approach an industry leader in machining and fabrication, such as Brogan & Patrick Manufacturing Corp. The company is a precision reliable machining servicer provider in the USA.