Aerospace CNC Machining & CNC Machine Shop

Aerospace is one of those sectors wherein extreme precision and accuracy are key for efficient functioning. This sector comprises several mission critical applications including design and manufacturing of missiles, aircraft, satellites, and so on. Any error can lead to a disaster, and hence using the right materials, CNC machining techniques, and creating a flawless design are important aspects. This sector utilizes both metal and plastic parts to make various inner and outer components. At Brogan & Patrick, we specialize in aerospace CNC machining services and have been offering high precision CNC machined aerospace parts made of plastic as well as metal for several years now. Our CNC machined aerospace parts have been used in the next generation commercial and military aircraft as well as advanced spacecraft. We offer help in choosing the best quality and sturdy polymer materials or their combinations with unique features for players in this sector.

Our Capabilities and the Aerospace Machining Services We Offer

As mentioned, Brogan & Patrick offers CNC machined aerospace parts in plastic and metal. Both safety and quality are extremely important for us, and we strive to focus on the same. Our aerospace CNC machining capabilities are not limited to only these techniques.
  • CNC Turning: This technique is used to make some of the navigation parts in the cockpit as well as some simple parts which contribute to the engine’s efficiency. This may also include shaping the wings in the required dimensions. CNC turning tweaks the material which is not required giving it the required shape and size. With turning, we can achieve tight tolerances up to +/-.001. We use various turning processes such as hexing, threading, tapping, contouring, Bar Fed, tapering, forming, live tooling, and so on. This technique is applicable for plastics as well as metals.
  • CNC Milling: Our CNC milling processes include slotting, tapping, thread milling, packeting, reaming, contouring, and so on. This technique is applicable for plastics as well as metals. We can run low as well as high volume productions and also offer prototypes. We use this technique to make parts as big as 36 inches.
  • Cryogenic Deburring: A good finish is crucial for parts in the aerospace sector. This technique helps us remove the imperfections or excess material from a machined part. It removes any burrs, dents, or even scratches on the part. We place these burred parts in a cryogenic deburring machine, wherein they are deburred at very low temperatures. Gears and plastic bushings are some of the parts which often need to be deburred for precision and finishing.

Materials We Use for the Aerospace Industry

We offer assistance regarding the material selection if required, and this is based on our several years of experience and research pertaining to different materials and their combinations.

Plastic Materials We Use

Our plastic materials are durable and have a high impact resistance. They are resistant to corrosion, lightweight and flexible. They are extremely malleable and hence easy in terms of designing, structuring, and assembling. Here are some of the polymers we use:

Metal Materials We Use

Metals have been used since decades, and there is no replacement for their strength, durability, and robustness. We offer combinations of metals such that they get the best features such as resistance to corrosion, vibration, shocks, an excellent strength to weight ratio, and so on. Here are some metals we use for the aerospace industry:

Applications of Our CNC Machined Aerospace Parts in this Industry

Here are some of the application areas for our CNC machined aerospace parts
  • Aircraft windows and canopies
  • Aircraft tray tables
  • Panel and Gears
  • Gear handle
  • Bearings and Seals
  • Module housings
  • Interior components
  • Wire wrap insulation
  • Machined washers
  • Oil level components
  • Engine components
  • Bushings
  • Clamps
Brogan & Patrick is a well-known aerospace CNC machine shop and this appreciation has been due to our advanced capabilities to fabricate and machine precision parts as per your requirements. As an experienced aerospace CNC machining services partner, we also offer assistance in terms of designing, material procuring, and end-to-end solution if required. We are experts in customization, and can offer you a quick quote based on your application requirement. In case of any further questions, you can reach us on phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..