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The evolution of plastic machining process has made a noticeable contribution in almost every sector and industry, including the aerospace and aviation. The entry of plastic in the aerospace industry has indeed benefited the same in a number of ways. At Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Corp. we make sure to manufacture high-grade machined plastic parts, which are utilized in multiple industries for a variety of applications.


The Role Played by Plastic in the Aerospace Industry :

The usage of machined and engineering plastic has undoubtedly increased the performance, efficiency and professionalism of aerospace and aviation industry. Plastic has definitely come to the forefront for a variety of reasons, which aim at facilitating the next generation commercial and military aircraft and advanced spacecraft. Innovative polymer materials with unique features and qualities have granted numerous leverages to the aircraft and aviation sector. As a matter of fact and research, usage of plastic material for the construction of airplanes and the materials used inside airplanes make the operations and applications seamless. It also reduces the weight of the airplane and makes the trip more economical.


The Advantages of Using Plastic Material in the Aerospace Industry:

The successful intrusion of plastic in the aerospace industry did not take place overnight. There are certain tried, tested and proven benefits that accompany the usage of plastic-made construction materials and objects in the aviation industry. Following are the commonest of those advantages:

  • Being light-weight and durable, plastic is used for certain construction applications in the aerospace industry as the same also saves fuel to a large extent.
  • Fabrication of plastic-made components is considered to be economical.
  • The durability, flexibility and resistant nature of plastic make it a dependable component for constructing varied parts of the airplane.
  • It is resistant to corrosion, contamination, deterioration and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity and these add to the safety of usage.
  • Plastic is resistant to impact and shock and is known to be more long-lasting than their metallic counterparts.
  • Plastic parts are easy-to-assemble and detach and its malleability makes designing and structuring convenient.


Plastic parts are used for the following applications in Aerospace Industry:

  • Aircraft windows and canopies
  • Aircraft tray tables
  • Panel and Gears
  • Gear handle
  • Bearings and Seals
  • Module housings
  • Interior components
  • Wire wrap insulation
  • Machined Washers

Apart from these, plastic is also used in Greenhouses, Tunnels, Mulching, Silage, and other applications such as boxes, drums, crates, nets, cover-sheets and irrigation fittings.

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