Vespel® Machining Services

Vespel® is the most popular engineered polyamide-based plastic by DuPont. It is one of the most popular, rugged plastic materials for industrial components. Ever since 1965, this material is known to outperform many other types of industrial engineered plastics. Vespel® machined parts are in demand for applications exposed to harsh industrial environments. This material is used for manufacturing components like test sockets, bearing, bushings, etc. Since Vespel® is the material used for manufacturing a wide range of industrial products, the Vespel® plastic machining services are in high demand. Considering the need for design flexibility, dimensional accuracy, machining precision, and durability of industrial components, we at Brogan & Patrick offer Vespel® CNC machining services. By using CNC machining for producing Vespel® machined parts, we help clients to exploit the properties of the material Vespel® to the best of their advantage.

Features of Brogan & Patrick’s Vespel® Machining Services

Brogan & Patrick is well known for our precision CNC machining services. Vespel® CNC machining services are one of our highly appreciated precision CNC machining services. Our Vespel® plastic machining services are appreciated by our clients because of the specific features of our services. Here are a few features of our Vespel® CNC machining services that makes us stand out.
  • We use CAD/CAM tools for digital design and rapid prototyping of Vespel® components. Our experts can custom design the products by analyzing the application requirements.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art equipment that ensures precision and dimensional accuracy in our CNC machined Vespel® parts. We can achieve dimensional accuracy up to tolerance of ± 0.002.
  • We are capable of sourcing various industrial grades of Vespel® material for the production of custom CNC machined Vespel® parts.
Along with our capabilities, the material properties of Vespel® contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of our Vespel® machining services.

Properties of Vespel® Plastic

Here are the properties of Vespel® plastic that make this material ideal for the production of industrial-grade components.
  • High-Temperature Tolerance: CNC machined Vespel® parts can tolerate 288°C (500°F) temperature for continuous operation. However, Vespel® can sustain a 482°C (900°F) temperature for a limited duration.
  • Stability at Subzero Temperature: Vespel® can be used in subzero temperatures. The CNC machined Vespel® parts do not brittle if used in subzero temperatures.
  • High Mechanical Strength: Vespel® offers high mechanical strength and toughness. Vespel® components can withstand mechanical impact, fatigue, repeated rough handling, etc.
  • Chemical Resistance: Vespel® is immune to chemical abrasion. Thus, Vespel® components can withstand solvents, fuels, industrial hydraulic fluids, etc.
  • Dimensional Stability: Vespel® offers great dimensional stability. After precision CNC machining, the material does no go through expansion or shrinkage, therefore, it can sustain tight tolerances.
  • High Endurance to Friction and Wear: Vespel® is highly tolerant to friction and wear. Therefore, it can be used in rough handling industrial applications. It offers great lubricity and therefore can be exposed to interfacial friction, frictional temperature, etc.
  • Good Insulation Properties: It offers excellent dielectric properties and therefore acts as a good insulator.
  • Clean Performance: This high-performance polyamide-resin features negligible metal traces, therefore during processes like welding, it shades no particulates in exposure to plasma.
  • Resistance to Radiation: This material does not undergo aging even if exposed to radiation for a long time.
All these properties of Vespel® plastic vary according to the grades. We analyze the properties of Vespel® plastic in order to select the correct material for the customized production of Vespel® machined parts.

Types/Grades of Vespel® We Work With

Here are the industrial grades of Vespel® plastic we can source and work with to produce different industrial components.
  • Vespel® SP-1: This is the unfilled Vespel®, which offers great thermal conductivity, great mechanical strength, low modulus, etc.
  • Vespel® SP-21: It consists of 15% by weight graphite and offers great thermal stability and high wear resistance.
  • Vespel® SP-22: It consists of 40% by weight graphite and offers maximum creep resistance.
  • Vespel® SP-211: It consists of 10% of Teflon® fluorocarbon resin and 15% of graphite and offers low static friction.
  • Vespel® SP-3: It consists of 15% of MoS2 by weight and offers excellent performance in dry environments.

Popular CNC Machined Vespel® Parts

Here are a few Vespel® machined components we regularly machine as a part of our Vespel® machining services.
  • Semiconductor Components
  • Thermal insulators
  • Electrical insulators
  • Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Gears
At Brogan & Patrick, we consider customer satisfaction as our first priority. That is why our Vespel® machining services are strategically designed to offer high-quality products at competitive costs. If you are looking for Vespel® plastic machining services, please feel free to contact us.