Cryogenic Deburring

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Burrs…the problem child for all companies that machine plastic. Burrs are created when excess material is left behind from the machining process. The process of eliminating the burrs is called deburring. Manual deburring was the only option for years.


However, with new technology burrs can be cryogenically removed. Brogan & Patrick uses the cryogenic deburring process.  The cryogenic deburring process involves placing the parts in a cryogenic deburring machine, then using liquid nitrogen to cool the parts to an extremely low temperature (-60 degrees F or more). Parts are put in a stainless steel basket. The burrs are frozen and then .080 polycarbonate media hit the burrs, removing them without any damage to the integrity of the part.


Brogan & Patrick have used this method for years on machined components that are used in the medical field, aerospace, fluid power industries, and many others. Parts such as gears, O-rings, plastic bushings, washers, bobbins, adapters, and many others have been successfully deburred using the cryogenic deburring process. Materials such as PTFE, Acetal, Nylon, Phenolics, Kynar, PEEK and others have all been successful in the cryogenic deburring process.


Brogan & Patrick have many requests for components that require burr-free parts that are checked at extreme power. Cryogenic deburring provides an option for removing microscopic internal burrs. The process also saves time instead of the tedious task of removing them manually. The benefits of cryogenic deburring are endless. From the cost-effectiveness to the ability to maintain critical tolerances on a complex component.

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custom plastic flex tube
custom plastic flex tube
custom plastic flex tube