5 Popular High Tensile Strength Plastics Explained

Plastic resins have found a broad range of applications in recent years, and their popularity has only increased by the day. This is owing to their physical and chemical characteristics such as heat resistance and tensile strength. It is also owing to the beneficial features such as versatility, easy availability, excellent moldability, cost effectiveness, and more. Among these, high tensile strength is an important property when it comes … Read More

Differentiating Factors Between Acetal and Delrin

While computer numeric controlled or CNC machining techniques have been in use from decades, they have evolved with time and advancements in technology. This has helped CNC machining gain gained immense popularity among fabricators and OEMs. This fabrication technique has been the most widely employed across industries, wherein high-speed and precise cutting tools can produce a wide variety of shapes from different materials, such as metals, plastics, and … Read More

A Brief History of CNC Machining

Industrial revolution brought many changes in product manufacturing. One such change was the introduction of machines that could be controlled by a computer. This led to the development of CNC machining, or Computer Numeric Controlled machining. CNC machining allowed for the development of more complex parts faster and accurately than before. While it wasn’t originally embraced by manufacturers, it is now used in various industries due to its … Read More

Things You Must Know About CNC Plastic Prototyping

Plastic prototype making is gaining popularity, as they help businesses to assess the feasibility of a product idea, test the functionality of a design, and make necessary changes before mass production. Plastic prototypes are produced using various techniques and CNC machining is the most popular among them. This post discusses this technique and importance of CNC plastic prototypes in detail.

CNC Machining for Plastic Prototype Making

CNC (Computer … Read More

An Introduction to Self-Lubricating Plastic Bearings

Self-lubricating plastics are produced from special polymer blends and remain lubricated throughout their lifetime. In recent years, bearings made of these plastics have gained immense popularity. These bearings are used in industrial equipment and help prevent friction-induced wear and tear. What makes these bearings superior to regular plastic bearings? How do these bearings remain lubricated? What are some common self-lubricating plastic materials used for building bearings? Read the … Read More

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