PSU (Polysulfone) CNC Machining

Polysulfone is a UDEL based highly resistant thermoplastic. It has excellent properties which enables precision PSU plastic machining. This high-performance thermoplastic has a wide operating temperature range and can resist extremely harsh conditions without any change in its basic properties and structure. Brogan & Patrick offers PSU plastic machining services, which are customized to suit the required quality and specification of machined parts. We also offer cryogenic deburring which enables fine-tuning and refined surface finishing of our CNC machined PSU parts.

Properties of Polysulfone

The excellent properties of polysulfone really make it a versatile and sturdy thermoplastic. Here are some properties of PSU.
  • PSU thermoplastic is resistant to chemicals, hot water, hydrolysis, radiation, and so on, which makes it the perfect material for use in harsh industrial environments and high temperatures.
  • The operating temperature range of PSU is typically from 150 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • PSU is a material of choice in research labs pertaining to life sciences and chemicals as it can be steam cleaned and autoclaved. Also, it is lightweight unlike stainless steel which is also often used.
  • PSU thermoplastic is sturdy and offers a good wear and tear resistance.
  • It is amorphous with a random molecular structure. So, while it melts when exposed to increased temperatures, it is thermoformable.
  • While there are various grades of PSU, it is mostly translucent.
  • It has a good mechanical and dielectric strength as well as insulating properties.

Types of PSU Machining Services We Offer

We offer PSU machining services to make a variety of polysulfone parts. These are our capabilities:
  • CNC Turning: We have an expertise in PSU CNC machining services. We employ CNC turning techniques for applications or parts which require extreme precision and tight tolerances. Some of the CNC turning techniques we use include machining. These include live tooling, contouring, tapering, threading, tapping, bar fed, cross hole drilling, and hexing. Our advanced CNC machines enable automatic tooling and bar feed.
  • CNC Milling: Our well-equipped facility combined with our expertise allows us to make the best of our capabilities. Our CNC milling capabilities include drilling, facing, slotting, slitting, custom fixturing, indexing, and so on. With PSU, we can achieve tight tolerances up to ± .001" or as required.
  • Cryogenic Deburring: This technique enables an amazing surface finishing which also adds to the aesthetic value of the part or product. With PSU, this technique can be easily applied because of the basic lubrication feature in this thermoplastic. Also, having a smooth finish could be the requirement for certain parts. Cryogenic deburring scraps off the excess material, burrs, and so on, which making the part surface uneven. Cryogenic deburring comprises exposing the part to freezing temperatures to the point where they become brittle. These are then exposed to polycarbonate media which removes inconsistencies and offer it a fine finish without changing any of the structural or physical properties.

Popular CNC Machined PSU Machined Parts

Our CNC machined PSU parts have the following applications:
  • Interior fittings in aircraft
  • Medical devices
  • Catering trolleys and trays
  • Pump parts
  • Bushings
  • Connectors
  • Tubes
  • Bearings
  • Gears

Industries Served

Here are some of the industries where our CNC machined PSU parts are used: Brogan & Patrick has a well-equipped facility with advanced CNC machines as well as the required experience and expertise in PSU CNC machining services. We offer end-to-end solutions and can offer any type of assistance such as answering all your technical and non-technical questions, suggesting design-related changes, and so on. We are experts in customization, and have gained this expertise owing to our several years of experience of working with clients from diverse industries. Customization and precision are possible only after through requirement discussions with clients, and we do exactly the same. We are totally focused on quality and accuracy and strive to offer the best to our clients. We significantly invest in technology and R&D, which makes innovation possible. If you want an estimated price, we offer you a quick quote. In case of any further questions or enquiries about our PSU machined parts, you can reach us on phone or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..