Reverse Engineering – Water Treatment – Flange Plate and Adapter

Reverse Engineering - Water Treatment Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Corp. has the ability to completely reverse engineer any existing part without a drawing.

Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Corp. was able to reverse engineer this Flange Plate and Adapter used in a water treatment plant for large municipality. The parts were brought to Patrick with no drawing and very little knowledge of how they were initially made.

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The Master Unit Die – Saves Time and Money for our Customers

Master Unit Die Depending on our customer’s design and design flexibility, The Master Unit Die, commonly known as a MUD unit, MUD base or MUD frame is a cost efficient option to a brand new mold base.

A Master Unit Die (MUD) tool is a set of bases that industry-wide standard inserts fit into and can be used like traditional injection molds. Using a MUD cuts cost and speeds fabrication.


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The Much Overlooked Process of Deburring Plastics

Deburring PlasticsDeburring is a process within the process of plastic machining that is often overlooked by many “plastic specialists” and metal shops. To machine plastics without burrs is like trying to go to Vegas and not gamble. The two functions go hand in hand. While the new advanced CNC’s equipment along with higher performing drills and tools does help minimize burrs on plastics, it usually does not entirely rid

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Experts in the Industry for Machining Dusty and Dirty Phenolics Materials

Paper Line Milled PartMany plastics job shops refuse to machine phenolics like G10, G11, G5, Paper Linen LE, Paper XXX and Canvas Phenolic. However, we are experts at machining those dusty, dirty materials. Many shops complain of the dust and the rigid handling of the material. However, our machinists and operators understand the rigorous requirements of machining these unique materials.

We have become so prominent in machining phenolics that many of

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Things to Know About Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic FabricationAcrylic, the chemical name of which is Poly (methyl methacrylate) is known to be a transparent thermoplastic, which is used for a variety of applications specially for displays, signs and for various merchandising purposes.

Acrylic is a light-weight and shock-proof alternative to glass that enjoys better durability as well.Like metal fabrication, acrylic fabrication is a process that provides different shapes to acrylic plastic with the help of advanced

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