The Master Unit Die – Saves Time and Money for our Customers

Master Unit Die Depending on our customer’s design and design flexibility, The Master Unit Die, commonly known as a MUD unit, MUD base or MUD frame is a cost efficient option to a brand new mold base.

A Master Unit Die (MUD) tool is a set of bases that industry-wide standard inserts fit into and can be used like traditional injection molds. Using a MUD cuts cost and speeds fabrication.

Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Corp. has an array of MUD frames that allow us to quote quicker lead times and less expensive tooling costs. The inserts for these MUD units can be aluminum or P-20 steel. The inserts contain the mold cavities, core pins and ejector plate. If side actions are required some insert limitations do exist. Some of the benefits of a MUD unit are:

Benefits of the Master Unit Die

  • It can reduce your overall tooling investment
  • Tooling lead time can potentially be cut in half
  • It minimizes setup time and labor costs
  • Maximizes production uptime
  • Creates a simpler mold installation
  • Improves mold design efficiencies
  • Easier maintenance, handling and storage

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