The Much Overlooked Process of Deburring Plastics

Deburring PlasticsDeburring is a process within the process of plastic machining that is often overlooked by many “plastic specialists” and metal shops. To machine plastics without burrs is like trying to go to Vegas and not gamble. The two functions go hand in hand. While the new advanced CNC’s equipment along with higher performing drills and tools does help minimize burrs on plastics, it usually does not entirely rid the product of burrs.

Some plastic materials tend to burr up while others can come off the machine looking ready to ship. Materials like nylons, Hydex, phenolics, UHMW and HDPE are some of the biggest culprits of burring up during the machining process. Teflon, Delrin, Acetals and PEEK are materials that machine well with minimal burrs off the machine.

Regardless of the design of the part or the material you have chosen Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Corp. is meticulous about making sure your component arrives at your door burr free and ready to head onto your production line. Many of our clients use as much as 10x to look for burrs under their QC microscopes. We have to be focused on the deburring process for your success and ours.

After your parts are machined, they go through a laborious process of stringing, cleaning, washing and finally deburring so that your parts look spectacular. Our deburring department has years of experience and recognizes what is an acceptable and unacceptable component. They meticulously go through your components to make sure they are free of any burr or shaving before they head out for shipping.

We put a big emphasis on this process because many other shops do not. Deburring is a tedious and time consuming process that many shops focus very little on or ignore entirely. It costs companies time and money, and many shops don’t see the return on the costs. At Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Corp., we feel the time, the energy and the detail that we put into the deburring process is one of the many areas that separates us from the average plastic job shop.

Look for a future blog on our Cryogenic Deburring machine and its process……