An Introduction to Self-Lubricating Plastic Bearings

Self-lubricating plastics are produced from special polymer blends and remain lubricated throughout their lifetime. In recent years, bearings made of these plastics have gained immense popularity. These bearings are used in industrial equipment and help prevent friction-induced wear and tear. What makes these bearings superior to regular plastic bearings? How do these bearings remain lubricated? What are some common self-lubricating plastic materials used for building bearings? Read the post to know the answers. 

Self-lubricating plastics bearings

How do self-lubricating plastic bearings remain lubricated?

Lubrication in plastic bearings is produced in any of the two ways: 

  • Smearing Systems: A soft lubricating material is wiped onto the surface of the bearing, and it creates a layer of lubricant. The lubricant is not transmitted during the mating, and this helps reduce wear and tear on the bearing and the shaft. PTFE and PTFE-filled materials are examples of these bearings. Some materials used for making self-lubricating plastic bearings are: 
    • Fluorescent 
    • Graphite PI
    • Ultracompact
  • Debris Systems: These systems are made from materials embedded with lubricant particles or debris. The materials have low friction, but debris migrates after a long time. Debris materials are more inexpensive than smearing systems. Some materials used for making these types of plastic bearings are: 
    • Cast Nylons
    • SHOW

Benefits of Self-Lubricating Plastic Bearings 

Self-lubricating plastic bearings are beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • Less Maintenance: Self-lubricating plastic requires less maintenance and is always in a lubricated state that protects them from hard damage.
  • Cost-effective: The bearing’s plastic eliminates the extra cost of oiling and greasing, which makes it a cost-effective bearing. It reduces the operational cost of bearings and the maintenance cost of the overall product.
  • High Load Capacity: Compared to other traditional bearings, self-lubricated plastic bearings can easily handle heavy loads.
  • Chemical resistance: These plastic bearings are chemical resistant. The lubricants embedded in these bearings can resist harmful chemicals.

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