Breakdown of CNC Machining Process Used to Fabricate Aircraft Components

Illinois is a leading manufacturing state. Aircraft & aerospace CNC machining in Illinois is used to provide precisely machined products. These processes can be used to manufacture fuel nozzles, valves, retainer rings, couplers, flanges, etc. The high level of automation offered by this process ensures speedy production. The manufacturing process is explained in detail in this post.

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Breakdown of Manufacturing Process

The following is the step-by-step breakdown of the process employed to manufacture aerospace application components using CNC machining:

  • Use the CAM Software

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software is used to communicate the part design to the machine. On creating a 3D model of the part, import the design to the CAM software.

  • Enter Input Functions

Every machine is equipped with several input functions to determine the process and outcome. Enter all these details including the virtual part’s dimensions and coordinates of origin (on the map), etc.

  • Choose Tools to be Used

The CNC machine will feature a tool library that displays all the tools available in the machine. You will need to choose the tools that will be needed to machine specific features of the part being produced.

  • Select Tooling Parameters

For each part feature, the parameters of every tool will have to be selected. The parameters include tooling speed, cut depth, tooling path, etc. These parameters will help in precisely machining the part.

  • Virtual Production Cycle

For the final step, you can run the entire process through a virtual production cycle.

CNC tooling is used in the production of components used in aircraft’s and other aerospace applications because this process is extremely accurate. Precision when tooling aerospace industry components is extremely important. These components are used in critical applications where human life is at stake. Hence, no mistake can be accepted. CNC machining uses a systematic methodology to produce parts, making it extremely reliable tool, especially in the aerospace industry.