Importance of Plastic in Custom Manifolds

Manifolds are useful devices that form an integral part of any machine. They are used in vehicles to direct the flow of gases and liquids. For example, custom manifolds are used to direct fuel to and from the engine. When plastic is used to fabricate manifolds, the resulting device is much smaller in size. Thus, they can be used in applications where tight tolerances are being followed. The plastic also renders the manifold much stronger since the plastic is melted to form the bonds and other parts of the device, thus making it a stronger, singular structure.

General Applications of Custom Manifolds


Manifolds are used in several applications. They can be used for the following general applications:

1. Being integrated into new systems.

2. Repair of current systems.

3. Fixing of leaky pathways in a plumbing unit comprising multiple tubes and pipes.

Preferred Materials

The choice of material in the fabrication of custom manifolds is of immense importance. This material needs to be compatible not only with your application but also with environmental factors like heat, humidity, etc. The following materials are generally preferred for their superior performance:

1. Acrylic

2. Ultem

3. PVC

Although many other materials are available in the market, these three are generally preferred.


Advantages of Using Plastic in Custom Manifolds

Custom plastic manifolds are preferred for the following reasons:

1. Custom plastic manifolds are impervious to most unfavorable environmental conditions.

2. Since the plastic is melted to form the bonds; they depict the same characteristics as the plastic. Thus, they strengthen the structure of the manifold.

3. The various plastic materials mentioned earlier are corrosion-resistant to a great extent.

4. Most plastic materials also offer a lower coefficient of friction, thus providing a smooth flow of liquids.

5. Depending on the application, you can opt for a material that is resistant to the liquid used for transportation in the machine.


Custom manifolds are generally manufactured for applications that do not allow integration of stock items. These systems demand special attention for the various parts of the application. Custom plastic manifolds allow the engineer to accommodate the special circumstances of application or location of the machine. Thus, custom plastic manifolds are superior in performance and sustainability.