6 Key Considerations Before Sending a Plastic Injection Molding Quote

Plastic injection molding process is mainly used, when one has to manufacture large quantities of high-quality parts, with high precision, and that too in a less time. The molding process is capable of producing parts that meet the industry standards. This makes the process the most preferred choice for most entrepreneurs and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The very first step in availing plastic molding services from a service provider is getting a quote. However, there are certain things that you need to consider before you ask for the quote. What are these considerations? This post will discuss some very important things to consider prior to asking for a plastic injection molding quote.

What are the Major Considerations Before Asking for a Plastic Injection Molding Quote?

When you ask a quote for plastic injection molding, you are expected to take into account certain consideration beforehand. Following are the 6 most important considerations:

Major Considerations

  • Think about Reducing Overall Costs: There are certain questions that you need to answer first. Here are some questions for your reference:
    • Is any type of special printing required on the part?
    • Does the injection molded part needs to be assembled?
    • Do you expect the service provider to package the molded part?

    When you consider these things and have answers to the questions mentioned above, it will help in lowering the overall cost.

  • Research the Required Type of Material: When it comes to plastic injection molding , it is very important that you select the right material. By right, it means that the material should have all the necessary properties for the product. For this purpose, you will have to do an extensive research to have a thorough understanding of which is the right material that will suit your project. This will not only give a starting reference point to the molder, but also help in achieving a good quality injection molded part.
  • Be Ready with CAD Drawings: It is one of the most important considerations to make. You should not leave the molding process barely to the written details. Providing CAD drawing gives a clear picture about your expected results. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a well-dimensioned hand drawing.
  • Small Quantities or Large Quantities: The selection of injection molds depends on the quantity of products you’re looking for. In case of shorter or smaller production runs, it is best to use aluminum mold. However, if you are looking for larger production runs or large quantity of products, it is recommended to use hardened steel mold.
  • Application of the Part: You should have an understanding of applications of the part. This information would help the molder to do injection molding based on the application requirement.
  • Size and Complexity: The size and complexity of the part determines the type of molding required. Injection molding is generally suitable for small size parts that are more complex.

All the aforementioned consideration will guide you in asking for the quote in the right way, and help you get the best possible service. One more thing to remember, apart from those mentioned above, is always avail services from trusted and experienced service provider. There are a number of plastic injection molding service providers in the US. Brogan Patrick is one such well-known, and well experienced player providing CNC milling, and CNC turning, along with plastic injection molding services. The company has served clients across several industries, such as automobile, aerospace, medical, electronics, and many other industries.