100% Burr-free Parts from the Technically-Adept Brogan-Patrick

Brogan-Patrick is pioneering the way to creating products that are superior in quality. Speaking of one of these innovations, they have succeeded in creating burr-free plastic parts. The fabulous team at Brogan-Patrick has introduced a 5-step process enabling them to achieve burr-free plastic surfaces. Using specialized tooling, a wealth of experience, and technical prowess they have managed to increase the quality and performance of these parts.

5 Steps to Achieving Burr-free Finishing

Step 1: Part is threaded

Step 2: Part is blanked

Step 3: Flats are added to the Nylatron GS component

Step 4: Slots are added to part

Step 5: Cryogenic deburring machine is used to rid the application of burrs completely

This is what the part looks like after Step 4.

The finish after Step 5 is even more refined.

Burr-free-Parts Burr-free-Parts1

Brogan-Patrick understands the importance of burr-free plastic surfaces to their clients. In order to improve the performance and service life of the product, this 5-step process has been perfected by the Brogan-Patrick team. They have utilized their experience in understanding client requirements at the execution level and then applied their technical expertise to create a product that can only be described as ‘perfect’.