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Your Destination for Precision Machined Plastic Components

As the price of metals continues to rise, machined plastic parts have emerged as the favored choice for several industrial applications. There are several advantages that add to the popularity of plastic parts in applications. They are lightweight, economical, and durable, making them a perfect alternative to metals. However, for use in applications, plastic must be machined to form components with specific shapes and contours.

We offer a full range of services such as

Brogan & Patrick Mfg. Corp - Specialist in High Grade Plastic Screw Machining and Tight Tolerance Machining

Plastic machining is a process that calls for a great deal of precision and skill. At Brogan & Patrick Mfg. Co, we know that the slightest error in machining can be a costly mistake. Hence, we pay utmost attention right from designing, to manufacturing and inspection of the final product.

We are committed to producing high quality, and precision machined plastic components. We have been consistently achieving excellent result, thanks to our experienced technicians, who have mastered the art of plastic machining.

Along with machining plastic, we also offer:

  • Plastic injection molding services - When it comes to injection molding solutions, our expertise is unparalleled to none. We have an experienced team of technicians, and the latest in injection molding equipment. The combination of these two aspects allows us to produce small or medium sized parts.

We can Work with Wide Range of Materials!

We can machine and mold a variety of materials, such as:

  • Nylon
  • Delrin
  • Celcon
  • HDPE
  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • PEEK
  • Ultem
  • Glass Filled Nylon
  • Polysulfone

One Stop Shop Committed to On-Time Product Delivery

We extend our service in the following areas also.

  • Plastic Screw Machining - We at Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Co provide CNC plastic screw machining services to tight tolerance level. In conjunction with supporting the in-house manufacturing operations, we extend our screw machining service to myriad of industries. Read More.
  • CNC Milling – The name of Brogan & Patrick Mfg.Co is recognized for providing the best CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling solutions in the industry. We are known for providing budget-friendly and precise CNC machining solutions to create desired shapes, holes, and slots in plastics. Read More.
  • CNC Turning – We utilize the latest machines to perform CNC turning activities. Be it a large or small components, our range of CNC turning machines can create hexes, cross holes, contours or any other feature with precision. Read More.

Our Capabilities at a Glance

Over the years, we have handled a number of tooling and fixture projects of customers from various industrial sectors. Clienteles from the semiconductor, aerospace, electronics, medical, and instrumentation have benefited substantially from our services.

We have gained a substantial competitive advantage and huge customer base across industries as we:

  • Possess proven track record in completing even the most complicated projects in a short turnaround time.
  • Maintain consistency in terms of quality even in large production runs.
  • Can manufacture plastic components in adherence to the highest industry benchmarks.
  • Can deliver prototypes in quick lead times.

Quality Checks

We closely inspect parts for any defect. Our engineers and technicians are trained to proactively handle your various design and manufacturing requirements.

Quality Is What We Always Adhere to!

From prototype to production, you can be assured that every stage of the machining is handled prudently at Brogan & Patrick Mfg. Co. We take great pride in producing precision plastic machined components for our customers. We utilize advanced machineries to bring down costs as well as turnaround time.